By May 15, 2009 a total of 2005 HIV/AIDS cases have been registered including 1504 men and 501 women. 1035 patients developed AIDS. 435 patients have died.

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WHO National Training Workshop

WHO National Training Workshop "Scaling-up early HIV diagnosis and treatment in line with the European Action Plan for HIV/AIDS 2012-2015" hall on January 20, 2012.

  • Overview of European Action Plan for HIV/AIDS 2012-2015 - Dr. Amiran Gamkrelidze

  • HIV/AIDS in Georgia: Accomplishments and challenges - Dr. Tengiz Tsertsvadze

  • Clinical course of HIV infection - Dr. Lali Sharvadze

  • Late HIV diagnosis in Georgia: Reasons and consequences - Dr. Nikoloz Chkhartishvili

  • Overview of national regulations on HIV/AIDS and principles of voluntary HIV testing and counselling - Dr. Nino Badridze

  • Indicator disease based HIV testing and counselling - Dr. Pati Gabunia

  • Situational case studies - Interactive session

  • The role of primary healthcare in increasing access to HIV testing and counselling - Panel discussion