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Fogarty Trainee Alumni Research Workshop, June 27-29, 2012 (Kvareli, Georgia)

The major goals of the conference are:

  • To intensively mentor Fogarty GID and AITRP trainee alumni who have returned to Georgia in the development of new proposals, publications and their academic careers.
  • To provide skills building to enhance graduates' publishing capacity and presentation skills.

The final product of the conference will be a list of potential publication submissions for current projects with targeted journals, in-country and US authors. After the conference, US mentors continue to maintain contact with trainees to track their progress.

This workshop is jointly conducted by the International Training and Research Programs at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, University at Albany, Emory University, Johns Hopkins University, US CDC, with representatives from the Georgian Infectious Disease, AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center, the Georgian National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, and the NGO Maternal and Child Care Union.