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About Us


About Us

Georgian AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center is a main institution responsible for development, implementation and coordination of all activities against HIV/AIDS epidemic spread in Georgia. It is the governmental institution affiliated with Department of Pubic Health of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs. The Center was established in 1989 on the bases of the AIDS and Clinical Immunology Republic center at the Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since establishment the Center has been headed by Tengiz Tsertsvadze.


AIDS Center was equipped with research and clinical laboratories performing diagnostic of HIV/AIDS and other Infectious Diseases, also modern high technology diagnostic and laboratory devices were developing. The main fields of work of Georgian AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center are as follows:

1984 – ELISA and Immunophenotyping of CD3, CD4, CD8 lymphocytes

1985 – Western blot

1995 – Qualitative PCR (Polimerase Chain Reaction)

1996 – Quantitative PCR (Polimerase Chain Reaction)

1999 – HIV and HCV Genotyping

2004 – HIV Genotypic resistance testing

The Center and its branch offices in various districts and regions of the country serves entire population of Georgia providing counseling, testing, monitoring and treatment of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C and other viral infections. In addition as the research institution the Center conducts different scientific investigations in the fields of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis. Also the Georgian AIDS and Clinical Immunology Center coordinates all activities concerning of HIV/AIDS prevention in the country. It is responsible for education and HIV/AIDS risk reduction among high risk groups and general public, epidemiological surveillance and development and dissemination of various EIC materials.

The main fields of work of Georgian AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center are as follows:


Viral hepatitis; Herpes infections;

Infectious diseases in immunocompromised hosts;

Pathologies of pregnant Congenital Infections;


Autoimmune diseases.


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